Virginia J. Flood

EMST, in progress since fall 2013

I earned a B.S. in Biochemistry at the University of Southern Maine and a Master of Science in Teaching degree at the University of Maine. At UMaine, I studied how students use their bodies to imagine 3-D molecular structures from 2-D representations. While there,  I became interested in the interactional work people do to imagine and negotiate mathematical and scientific phenomena together as part of the everyday practices of doing math and science in the field. 

Currently, I study the role the body plays in negotiating mathematical meanings in both material and virtual mathematics spaces. As part of the EDRL team, I am working to better understand the nature of multimodal interaction between instructors and learners in order to inform the design of an embodied virtual pedagogical agent for a technologically-enabled embodied learning device (the MIT-P). 

Selected Publications:
  • Flood, V. J., Neff, M., & Abrahamson, D. (In press). Boundary interactions: Resolving interdisciplinary collaboration challenges using digitized embodied performances. In T. Koschmann, P. Häkkinen, & P. Tchounikine (Eds.), "Exploring the material conditions of learning: opportunities and challenges for CSCL," the Proceedings of the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Conference. Gothenburg, Sweden: ISLS.
  • Flood, V. J., Amar, F. G., Nemirovsky, R., Harrer, B. W., Bruce, M. R. M., & Wittmann, M. C. (2015). Paying attention to gesture when students talk chemistry: Interactional resources for responsive reaching. Journal of Chemical Education, 92(1), 11-22.
  • Flood, V. J., Schneider, A., & Abrahamson, D. (2014). Gesture enhancement of a virtual tutor via investigating human tutor discursive strategies: Forms and functions for proportions. In J. L. Polman, E. A. Kyza, D. K. O'Neill, I. Tabak, W. R. Penuel, A. S. Jurow, K. O'Connor, T. Lee & L. D'Amico (Eds.), Proceedings of "Learning and Becoming in Practice," the 11th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2014 (Vol. 3, pp. 1593-1594). Boulder, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
  • Wittmann, M. C., Flood, V. J., & Black, K. E. (2013). Algebraic manipulation as motion within a landscape. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 82(2), 169-181.
  • Scherr, R. E., Close, H. G., Close, E. W., Flood, V. J., McKagan, S. B., Robertson, A. D., Seeley, L., Wittmann, M. C., and Vokos, S. (2013). Negotiating energy dynamics through embodied action in a materially structured environment. Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research, 9(2), 020105.
  • Harrer, B.W., Flood, V.J., Wittmann, M.C. (2013). Productive resources in students’ ideas about energy: An alternative analysis of Watts’ original interview transcripts. Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research, 9(2), 023101.