Joshua Sussman

I am a Doctoral Candidate in the UC Berkeley school psychology program. Before coming to UC Berkeley I spent seven years as a molecular and cell biologist at UCSF. My experiences as a biologist shaped my research interests in measurement and math and science education.

My research focuses on educational measurement and the evaluation of educational interventions. Working on the Learning Mathematics through Representations (LMR) assessment team, I studied the impact of LMR on student performance on the California Standards Test in mathematics. Working on the Scientific Practices Project at the UC Berkeley BEAR center, I help to develop theoretical frameworks, assessments, and item response models to evaluate the educational effectiveness of a new middle school science curriculum and also characterize the emergence of scientific thinking in early adolescence. My dissertation research explores the influence of outcome measure selection on the validity (statistical power) of evaluations of math or science interventions designed to improve student achievement.

My interest in school psychology arises from the opportunities that school psychologists have to advocate for students and to provide services that improve educational outcomes. I am currently a school psychologist intern at Oakland Unified and my responsibilities include evaluation of special education programs.