Elan Frenkel

Academic Interests:

I am first year SESAME student exploring cognition in mathematics.
I am interested in using metaphors to design better material for instruction.
I am also interested in computational thinking. How does an algorithmic approach to mathematics help us visualize and solve problems?

Personal History/ Interests:

I am a Californian boy born and raised. My parents were born in Israel. Their parents come from Iran, Yemen, and Austria.

I have two sisters, one is a photographer, and the other is a journalist. The journalist is currently based in Egypt working for Buzzfeed, and she is sometimes interviewed on NPR; her name is Sheera Frenkel.

In Berkeley I studied mathematics and computer science, and was the beginning of my interest in cognition.

After college I spent 5 months in India.

I enjoy guitar and piano; meditation and yoga; biking and hiking; basketball and soccer; and sushi.

If you also like one or more of these things, feel free to contact me so we could do them together. (Especially if you play an instrument such as the drums or bass!)