Dragan Trninic

About Me: I've spent most of my life learning in a wide variety of fields: philosophy, nutrition, plumbing, breakdancing, literature, juggling, and Soo Bahk Do, to name a few. Of everything I studied then, I loved mathematics best. My master's thesis was on the Banach-Tarski paradox, sometimes whimsically stated as: "how to cut up a pea and reassemble it into the Sun."

In time, I realized I was most interested in human learning and development and decided to study that.

Research Interests: Broadly speaking, my research interests involve intuition on the one hand, and instructional-design on the other. I am interested in how studies of intuitions might inform instructional-design, as well as how instructional-design might apply and evaluate said studies. Another area of interest is martial arts instruction and its implications for areas as diverse as mathematics instruction and game design. Lastly, I am interested in mathematical models of learning and cognition emerging from the paradigms of complexity sciences.

My thinking and studies are inspired by phenomenology, embodiment, and activity theory.

You can find my research papers on the Publications page.

  • Kinemathics: enacted mathematics
  • MAP: Martial Arts Pedagogy
  • Familiar and Generic: a situation taxonomy of pedagogically effective problem contexts
  • PDMPS: Paradigmatic Didactical Mathematical Problematic Situations
  • Fractal Village