Denny Gillingham

Denny Gillingham began his doctoral studies in math education (EMST) in the fall of 2011. He taught high school mathematics for nine years, and received a M.S. in curriculum and instruction in 2009 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, advised by Professor Eric Knuth. In pre-dissertation work, he analyzed a pre-service teacher’s verbal assessment of her students’ work and argued that the careful identification and examination of thinking embedded in these material artifacts provided a generative site for her development as a teacher. He has also compared how three instructors differentially implemented a lesson from an innovative mathematics curriculum through varied instructional enactments. In future work, he plans to continue studying teachers’ pedagogical decision making with a particular emphasis on seeking to better understand how teachers decide what is mathematically important, and how those determinations influence practice. During his studies at the University of California, Berkeley Denny has worked on research projects directed by Professors Alan Schoenfeld, Aki Murata, and Michael Ranney. Within these projects, he has developed and led professional development workshops with a colleague, directed research apprentice experiences for local teachers and undergraduate students, studied the learning of pre-service teachers engaged in lesson study, and analyzed teaching through the use of a locally developed scheme.