Brian Waismeyer

Hello! I'm a doctoral student interested in studying both developmental transitions – especially in the first years of life – and how people think and learn about probability and statistics. I work in several laboratories and my interestes range from theoretical to applied.

My applied/educational interests are best represented by the work of Prof. Dor Abrahamson and his EDRL team. Although I'm still learning the ropes of educational research, I am greatly enjoying engaging in the Kinemathics project - an exploration of the interactions among young students, educational artifacts, and transitions in how the students think about a learning challenge.

My work in the in the Infant Language and Cognition Lab focuses on exploring how infants use of probabilistic information is regulated by their developing knowledge of agents and I have also done work exploring locomotor transitions with the Infant Studies Center (supervised by Prof. Joseph Campos).

Before coming to Berkeley, I earned a BA in psychology at Luther College in Decorah, IA. I'm also a fan of squirrels, soccer, and good books.

Grateful acknowledgements are due to my collaborators (especially Stephanie Denison of the ILCL and the entire EDRL team) and to my advisor (Prof. Fei Xu).

I am proud to be funded by a fellowship from the Research in Cognition and Mathematics Education (RCME) program at UC-Berkeley.