Anna McGee

I am a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the School Psychology program. My background prior to coming to U.C. Berkeley includes a B.A. in Psychology where I focused on child development and researched both infant and canine social cognition, as well as two years as the coordinator of a study on adults with ADHD.

My first experience with math education (other than my own) was as a 17-year-old math tutor (one of my favorite jobs ever). At Berkeley I've had the opportunity to work on the Learning Mathematics Through Representations (LMR)research project with Geoff Saxe and Maryl Gearhart. Through this work, I've become interested in the teaching and learning of integers and fractions concepts, as well as dissemination and use of curricular materials. This year I will be working with Aki Murata to analyze recordings of teacher lesson-planning meetings. I will also begin an investigation of how teachers find, evaluate, and implement curricular materials (apart from what is already provided by their school).