Angela Dosalmas

Angela Dosalmas is currently a half-time academic year lecturer at UC Berkeley affiliated with the Research in Cognition and Mathematics Education (RCME) pre-doctoral training program in mathematics education and mixed methods funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). She is also on the faculty at the university with the highest student body diversity index in the U.S. (!) – Holy Names University in Oakland – where she actually gets students excited about mathematics by having them use statistics to examine social justice issues.

Angela’s interests range widely, but tend to center around the social construction and discursive production of identity and the role narratives play in (re)producing inequities, particularly in the STEM arena.  She also draws on a broad theoretical base from women of color feminisms, critical race theory, queer theory, intersectionality, dimensions and culture of power and decolonizing methodologies.  Her future projects will extend her current work into the school-to-prison/cradle-to-prison pipeline, particularly around surveillance and how the way conflict is controlled relates to identity; they will examine the role Title IX played in current narratives of female athletes; and, finally, they will investigate the role of technology.

Publications include:

Dosalmas, A.D. (2010). Burden of Proof: From Cólon-Eyes to Kaleidoscope. In A. DeRango Adem & A. Thompson (Eds.), Other tongues: Mixed race women speak outToronto, Canada: Inanna Publications and Education Inc.

Chuuon, V, Dosalmas, A., & Rinthapol, N. (2010). Academic motivation of Cambodian high school youth: Student perceptions of school-level factors. Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement.