Joining RCME

Eligibility and Application

Prospective students who are applying to Ph.D. programs in the Graduate School of Education, SESAME, and Psychology are eligible to become RCME Fellows.

The application/review process differs across departments. Education and SESAME (Prospective) Students. Education and SESAME students are admitted to RCME in their first year of graduate study.

For students applying to the Graduate School of Education or SESAME, application to RCME is automatic as a part of the admissions process. Applicants to Education or SESAME merely need check the financial aid box on the Departmental or SESAME application form.

Psychology Students.

Psychology students are admitted to RCME in their second or third years of graduate study. For students who will be entering their second or third year of a Ph.D. program in Psychology, please complete an application form and send with a CV and unofficial transcript.

Application forms can be obtained from and should be submitted to Brian Rugg.

Criteria for Selecting Fellows

RCME provides an extraordinary research training opportunity for students with focused interests in mathematics education.

We are seeking talented students who wish to be a part of a dynamic, interdisciplinary community to share ideas, receive research training and experience, and take specialized courses in mathematics education with a firm grounding in the cognitive sciences. Fellows must be willing to complete the program requirements and participate fully in program activities. We are looking for applicants with strong interests in a range of sub-fields, including (but not limited to) cognitive processes, assessment, methods as applied to mathematics teaching and learning; mathematical cognition (representation, problem solving, development); and social and cultural issues (including diversity and equity).

Notification of Admission to RCME

Notification of admission to RCME will be made during the Spring semester.